Mobile Presentation Island


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The Mobile Presentation Island

Attention grabber: Create better displays with the mobile presentation island

The mobile presentation island is a professional product display for secondary placements, promotions, and campaigns. Whether fruits, vegetables, flowers or baked goods – the mobile presentation island is the perfect attention grabber for your products. It can also be flexibly adapted to the space conditions on site as well as folded and stored away in just a few steps.

This is how the Mobile Presentation Island (MPI) works

  • conveys attractive images and messages over a large area
  • is of modular design and can be optimally adapted to meet individual space requirements
  • is lightweight, movable and can be quickly set up and dismantled
  • can be folded down flat and stored in a space-saving manner
  • is suitable for a wide range of products


A plastic or cardboard ring is inserted into a sturdy plastic base frame. A flat or slanted stacking frame is then placed onto the ring which acts as a product holder.

The Mobile Presentation Island is ideal for the presentation of fruit and vegetables in plastic, cardboard or wooden crates. A flat tray can optionally be inserted into the stacking frame, thereby making it suitable for the display of flowers, plants, herbs as well as bread, pastries and other products.

The plastic or cardboard ring comes in the colour of your choice and can be printed individually. This allows you to convey emotions to your customers by means of appropriate images and messages.

The base frame can be fitted with legs or wheels, the latter allowing the Presentation Island to be flexibly moved to the first customer touch point outside of the store. The Mobile Presentation Island features a range of additional equipment.

The standard version MPI 8685 consists of:

L 40 4 legs, height 40 mm, diameter 50 mm
BF 1 plastic base frame, black (polystyrene) 815 x 615 x 40 mm
CR 1 cardboard ring, foldable, can be printed (fruit image) 809 x 609 x 600 mm
PR 1 plastic ring, foldable, black (polystyrene) 809 x 609 x 600 mm (optional)
TFF 1 fl at plastic stacking frame, black (polystyrene) 815 x 615 x 55 mm
TFS 1 slanted plastic stacking frame, black (polystyrene) 815 x 615 x 40 / 200 mm

Additional equipment and features:

T 8602
Tray 800 x 600 x 20 mm
Price board 300 x 215 mm
PCS 80
Frontal price list 800 x 40 mm
Plastic ring, height 600 mm (various colours possible)
Plastic ring printed with logo or with image
L 100
Legs for base frame, height 100 mm, suitable for lift trucks
W 75
Wheels for base frame, Ø 75 mm

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Iwona Kijewska | Area Sales Manager CEE | Tel: +48 736 242 086
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*1 Figures can vary depending on the raw material used and options applied. *2 Guideline values are based both on experience and parts of test ISO 8611, which tests with evenly distributed loads at room temperature (20°C). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage. Your specific requirements can be identified upon request. *3 Minimum quantity required. *4 Shipping quantity if snap-on bottom skids are not assembled yet. Self assembling of skids reduces freight charge. - PO pallets should only be used and stored in a dry environment. We reserve the right to change any of the stated information without prior notice.