Euro E7.1

OD-3R | 47.3 x 31.5

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3-runners plastic pallet with dimensions of an specified EUR-pallet

Access openings, deck level and blocks of the Euro E7.1 matches the dimensions of an EUR-pallet. This enables this plastic pallet to be used in automatic storage and transport systems that are configured for the handling of wooden pallets. Stopper, light barriers and sensors do not need to be adapted. Steel bars in the deck and the runners of the Euro E7.1 ensure a secure long-term storage in the high rack. Your advantages: long service life, consistently high quality, hygienic surfaces and a trouble-free and safe performance.


Technical data *¹

Article number Bottom support upper deck Dimensions [inch] Load capacity [lbs]*² Weight [lbs]
Static Dynamic Racking HDPE
Euro E7.1 (OD-3R) 3 runners open deck 47.3 x 31.5 x 5.7 11000 3300 2800 35.3
Entry: 4 ways Nesting height: - Safety rim: 0.2 inch

Anti-slip options

  • Safety Rim as an option
  • Strips topside deck
  • Strips underside deck for forks
  • Strips underside blocks
  • Safety Rim fixed as standard
  • Grommets topside deck (max.12 Pieces)
  • Grommets underside deck for forks
  • Insert rubber blocks

Truck loads

Version Standard Truck Mega-Trailer Jumbo Truck 40' HC Container
Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total
Euro E7.1 (OD-3R) 15 495 594 18 684 18 17 476

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*1 Figures can vary depending on the raw material used and options applied. *2 Guideline values are based both on experience and parts of test ISO 8611, which tests with evenly distributed loads at room temperature (20°C). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage. Your specific requirements can be identified upon request. *3 Minimum quantity required. *4 Shipping quantity if snap-on bottom skids are not assembled yet. Self assembling of skids reduces freight charge. - PO pallets should only be used and stored in a dry environment. We reserve the right to change any of the stated information without prior notice.