CabCube 1.0


* Minimum quantity required
** required

3-pieces sleeve pack container for transportation of large-volume parts

Thanks to the injection molding manufacturing process, the CabCube provides robustness, precision and longevity. This distinguishes it from other products on the market that are normally manufactured by means of a deep-drawing process. With its 39 kgs, the CabCube is still very light and easy to handle. In just a few steps, the ring can be collapsed and, along with the pallet and lid, stacked on top of one another. The CabCube thereby achieves a volume reduction of up to 80 percent for a cost-effective and CO2 efficient return transport.


CabCube 1.0 (with open pallet deck)

CabCube 2.0 (with closed pallet deck)

Technical data *1

External dimensions 1210 x 1010 x 990 mm
Internal dimensions 1140 x 940 x 816 mm
Filling volume 875 L
Height of folded box 222 mm
Bottom support of pallet 9 feet
Entries 4 way

Load capacity *2
Max. filling weight 250 kg 500 kg
Max. stacking load 1450 kg 1200 kg
Max. stacking factor 1 + 5 1 + 2
High rack

Weight [kg] Material Dimensions
l x w x h [mm]
Forklift ground clearance [mm] Wall thickness of sleeve [mm] Flap opening (optional) [mm]

19,5 PE 1210 x 1010 x 190/200


11,0 PP 1160 x 962 x 850


600 x 300


8,5 PE 1185 x 989 x 72

The foldable sleeve is simply stored between pallet and lid for the return of empties. The 3-pieces CabCube remains together as a closed packaging unit.

The precise manufacturing results in increased stability in the interaction between pallet cover and collapsible ring. This provides a reliable stacking capacity of 1 + 5.

Truck Loads

CabCubes per Truck
Storage space 26
Set up containers 78 (3 per stack)
Empty Containers (flat) 364 (14 per stack)
Return rate 1 : 4,7

3 (full)

14 (empty)

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*1 Figures can vary depending on the raw material used and options applied. *2 Guideline values are based both on experience and parts of test ISO 8611, which tests with evenly distributed loads at room temperature (20°C). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage. Your specific requirements can be identified upon request. *3 Minimum quantity required. *4 Shipping quantity if snap-on bottom skids are not assembled yet. Self assembling of skids reduces freight charge. - PO pallets should only be used and stored in a dry environment. We reserve the right to change any of the stated information without prior notice.