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The Drybox has been successfully used in automated packaging and commissioning stations since 2002.

Properties and advantages

  • High process reliability in automated warehouses
  • Safe and efficient transport on roll conveyors
  • Robust and stable during transport and commissioning
  • Safe locking technique
  • Etiquette holders on the short sides
  • Low breakage rate
  • High useable volume, large interior height
  • Can be folded down to save space

High process reliability

A central feature of this foldable box is its high process reliability. Hundreds of thousands of foldable boxes prove this every day in fully automated logistics processes. The packaging related fixed costs of automated warehouses have nearly been reduced to zero due to the continuous further development of the Drybox. The safe and efficient processing in automated warehouses is due to safe transport on roll conveyors (horizontal and vertical), the high stability of the Drybox and its high reaction speed during acceleration and deceleration, a safe locking technique as well as its low breakage rate. In an empty state the Drybox can be reduced to a layer height of 36 mm despite its large interior height of 26 cm. This saves costs during empty transport and storage as well as during all processes involving empties.

Technical data

External dimensions [mm]600 x 400 x 285
Internal usable dimensions [mm]570 x 370 x 261
Filling volume [l]55
Tare [g]3080
Load bearing capacity [kg]25
Pressure resistance in the stack [kg]500
Layer height of empties [mm]36
Number of layers/stack incl. pallet at max. height of
approx. 2,0 m6
approx. 2,2 m7
approx. 2,4 m8
Delivery units (empties)Drybox
Dryboxes/europallet 240 pcs.
Dryboxes/lorry (13,20 x 2,46 x 2,50 m) 7200 pcs.
Europallets/lorry (13,20 x 2,46 x 2,50 m) 30 pcs.
Total height incl. pallet2310 mm
Colourred RAL 3004 | green RAL 6009 | blue RAL 5005 grey RAL 7001 | black RAL 9005
Priceon request

Technical information

The Drybox is suitable for temperatures ranging from 0° C to 50° C. The technical properties can be guaranteed under these conditions if handled appropriately. The pressure resistance in the stack equals a maximum of 500 kg. The raw materials used in the production of the Drybox comply with the requirements of the FDA and the BGA. The suitability for specific products which are to be packaged has to be confirmed by Cabka. Cabka is not liable for any damages arising from inappropriate handling of the Drybox.

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*1 Figures can vary depending on the raw material used and options applied. *2 Guideline values are based both on experience and parts of test ISO 8611, which tests with evenly distributed loads at room temperature (20°C). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage. Your specific requirements can be identified upon request. *3 Minimum quantity required. *4 Shipping quantity if snap-on bottom skids are not assembled yet. Self assembling of skids reduces freight charge. - PO pallets should only be used and stored in a dry environment. We reserve the right to change any of the stated information without prior notice.